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TribalCaliDub - The East Bay Adventure EP Coming soon!

BlogPosted by Sara Fuga Tue, October 02, 2012 14:55:02

It is my great pleasure to announce the upcoming brand new release for Advaita Oneness Dub net label.

SistaSara`s californian experience has brought immense inspiration and further motivation to produce and share more music with One and All.

The second Release for Advaita Oneness Dub will be an EP of 5 tracks once again produced by Sara Fuga:

TribalCaliDub - The East Bay Adventure EP

[AdOD002E] 2012 CC BY-NC-ND

• TribalCaliDub

• TribalCaliDubHybridMix

• TribalCaliDubSynthMix

• OaklandDubland

• EastBayDubVoxVersion

The first three tracks are 3 different versions of TribalCaliDub which inspired the title of the EP.

OaklandDubland is a deep dub tune with a Trip-Hop vibe

EastBayDubVoxVersion is an experimental dub tune with deep bass lines and lyrics that tell the story of the "East Bay Adventure"...

Coming your way in Free Download sooner than you think, smiley

Stay tuned!

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