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Review extracts: "Creation"

BlogPosted by Sara Fuga Thu, November 02, 2017 15:59:02

Review extracts for SistaSara - Creation

“..It’s wonderfully executed, every song progressing as if you were making orbit around a planet before slowly drifting away and reaching for another celestial body to hang around with.”

“..“Creation” is a mix of Dub rhythms, Trip Hop and ambient textures.”

“..“Creation” is an album that shows the strength and power of SistaSara’s characteristic traits. The trippy atmospheres are kept alive in every arrangement, and the listener can choose from a variety of moods: happiness, mystique, and bliss, while there is also a subtle trace of social consciousness entangled within the framework, and the album sound’s totally coherent. Imagine yourself sitting down and listening to the album and making your mind utterly explode.”

TuneLoud Magazine

Read the full Album Review the-strength-and-power-of-her-characteristic-traits/


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