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Video Updates

BlogPosted by Sara Fuga Wed, February 12, 2014 12:50:48

Just passing by to share with you some video updates:

1 • Currently working on the official video clip for the song: "Lost", soulful tune from my latest full-length album released in free download by Advaita Oneness Dub NetLabel:
SistaSara - Ekwueme [AdOD003A] 2013.
"Lost" is a song about Equality and Love and is dedicated to all binational families separated by Borders.

2 • A short live video will be released soon on either SistaSara Official or Advaita's YouTube Channel (that is yet to be decided), and it will feature: "WildDubDreamJourney" a Dub/Trip-Hop tune from the 12 tracks album available for sale on BandCamp:
SistaSara - FreedomStepper [SisSF06] 2012.

Thanks for connecting!

SistaSara Official:

Advaita Oneness Dub:

Good Vibes and Peace to you all,



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