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Introducing Advaita Oneness Dub

DubPosted by Sara Fuga Fri, August 17, 2012 08:36:03


It is my great pleasure to introduce to you all,

my brand new project: Advaita Oneness Dub

A new Net Label dubbing your way...

The upcoming 7th album by SistaSara "DubRiddims"

a free downloadable dub production with a total of 7 tracks,

will be the official first release for AdOD aka Advaita Oneness Dub.

The fully instrumental Album will be released under Creative Commons


[AdOD001A] 2012

Advaita Oneness Dub official YouTube Channel is now open!

Please feel free to subscribe.

Here's the link:


AdOD Home Page

AdOD on ReverbNation

AdOD on Facebook

AdOD on YouTube


Advaita Oneness Dub

Net Label inspired by and focused on the Hypnotic and Spiritual Vibes of Dub Music.

Founded by: Sara Fuga


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