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Hi Beautiful People!

Much Light on your Path at all times!

I began performing as SistaSara in 1995 when I joined the all female Roots Reggae band called the Fightin' Sisters
I began drums studies with Teacher Michele Carlon at the age of 13, yet I fully committed to it when I was 16 years old; I then started playing live as a professional drummer from 19 up to the age of 28, when I stopped to dedicate my time to study music production which led me to start my solo adventure.
SistaSara Project started in 2004 with the experimental EP "Odd-bsessed"; the official music sharing began in January 2006 with the release of the first
self produced solo album "Fire?HearMeee".

Since then 10 Albums have been produced as well as various Singles.

Stay tuned. Come around for updates, lyrics, videos & songs; follow this web log for both cool stuff and random passing thoughts that might bright up your day!

Oneness Sara

Out Now: SistaSara - Creation

BlogPosted by Sara Fuga Sat, August 19, 2017 23:20:04

Out Now: SistaSara - Creation

12 tunes, 53 minutes of Dub...

Recorded & Produced by Sara Fuga

at Webster Studio - Oakland, California

Mastered by Russ D aka Russ Disciple

at Backyard Studio - UK

Released by Advaita Oneness Dub [AdOD005A-W] 2017


Special note:
Creation is dedicated to and inspired by my daughter Milla Luna. I wrote composed and recorded the entire album while pregnant: a wonderfully creative time for me in every sense and the most magical experience in my life to date.

Album description:
Dub Reggae Trip Hop Stepper vibes all the way to your ears heart and soul.
Creation is about self awareness, empowerment, introspection and purpose.
12 tunes, 53 minutes of Dub.


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