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SistaSara is a name that was given me by The Fightin' Sisters, my first Roots Reggae music experience.

It was November 1995 when I joined the band; my instrument was the Drum-kit.
I began drums studies with Teacher Michele Carlon at the age of 13, yet I fully committed to it when I was 16 years old; I then started playing live as a professional drummer from 19 up to the age of 28, when I stopped to dedicate my time to study music production which led me to start my solo adventure.
SistaSara Project started in 2004 with the experimental EP "Odd-bsessed"; the official music sharing began in January 2006 with the release of the first solo album self produced & self distributed "Fire?HearMeee".

Since then 9 Albums have been produced as well as various Singles.

Stay tuned. Come around for updates, lyrics, videos & songs; follow this web log for both cool stuff and random passing thoughts that might bright up your day!

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(Rollin Riddim) Rise Dub - New Single Out Now!

BlogPosted by Sara Fuga Wed, December 14, 2016 18:11:24

Brand New Single Release:

SistaSara - (Rollin Riddim) Rise Dub

Release Date: 14th December 2016

Music & Lyrics by Sara Fuga

Executive Production & Mastering by Sara Fuga

Registered with BMI Broadcast Music Inc

CD Baby Pro Publishing

Copyright © Sara Fuga 2016

Get your high Quality copy on BandCamp:


This is the Dub Psychedelic version of ‘(Rollin Riddim) Rise Up’, called indeed ‘(Rollin Riddim) Rise Dub’. Traditionally the tunes would be published as a two tracks Single, however I instead released them one week apart from one another. Enjoy the flow!

Available on:




Stream on Spotify:

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